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Why Should Recruitment Be Conducted

Recruitment is the process by which an organization uses to identify that it needs employees and then making the necessary action of enlisting the new people. A company must be really keen of this process as these are the people that are required to drive the firm to another level. In this discussion we are going to look at the advantages of recruitment and there are two types the internal and the external recruitment. This external hiring is able to give room to bringing in people that are really of fresh and sound ideas that can help propel the company further. It is able to bring on board new propositions for the growth of the organization. The importance of external recruitment is that it is able to allow the right people to be found concerning the vacancy advertised. There is also the advantage of getting fresh blood which means new innovative ideas are able to be found in the organization as this is the effect that is caused by having new people come in to the company. This process is able to bring about the sparing of time which would be otherwise spent on finding new candidates for the job. Hiring is not just something you can do within a day as it involves advertising for the vacant position getting applications and then going down to the process of shortlisting then the interviews which result to filling the position.

One highlight of getting people from within is that you are able to spend less which means that there is nothing spent on doing checks and conducting the actual interview which is also an expense as this will eat up into the company profits. There is the highlight of shortening onboarding times that means that means it will be easier for the employees internally to adopt. It is so because they already have the proper know how of each system and routine in the particular firm.

It is able to bring about the joy and satisfaction to the employees as this act motivates them. This is able to create a good relationship thus foster increased productivity to the organization as they have been promoted to higher positions that would otherwise been assigned to others. There is the highlight of there being minimal work involved in terms of filing documents that can be such a workload for the human resource officer. Moreover it is able to bring a good image to the outsiders as they see that employees in that particular organization are valued for their work. In the close of this engagement we have been able to look at recruitment critically.

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