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All Things Botox Treatment Before Having One

Are lines evident around your eyes every time you laugh or smile? Can you also see some lines in your forehead or even just between your eyebrows? For any normal person, when you grow old, you can expect all of these things to happen to you as part of aging. Even so, what must you do if you do not want other people to know your age because of all of these age lines? With Botox treatments, you no longer have to think about these problems on your face as you can have them gone even for a short time. For more info. about Botox treatments, you can read more here.

What is there to expect during sessions of Botox treatments?

Botox treatments are never painful and are very simple. Twenty minutes is the typical duration for one session of Botox treatment but it really depends on the total injection numbers required on you. Generally, injections will be given around your crow’s feet, between your eyebrows, and some furrows found in your forehead. Always have Botox treatment injections done with a certified professional. Marking pencils are typically used by them around your face to mark the points where they will be injecting you. Such points are not placed directly on the wrinkle or line you want eliminated. The points where your facial muscles contract are where you can find these markings drawn by the doctor. In order for any pain that you feel to be numbed when getting Botox injections, you will be applied some topical anesthesia. From the points that have been marked just under your skin, the doctor will begin injecting some Botox into them. You will not feel any pain at all, and if you do feel some sensation, it is only a slight prick.

Important reminders after your Botox treatment procedure

After getting the Botox treatment procedure, you have to make sure to exercise the muscles that have been treated between one and two hours. Start with squinting, raising your eyebrows, and frowning when exercising these muscles. Doing all of these things make the Botox get into your muscles much deeper. Though doing all of these things can help, not doing them will not have any negative impact on your face at all.

You should not be massaging or rubbing the areas where you have been given some Botox treatments. Never do strenuous activities like heavy lifting and yoga four hours after your Botox treatment procedure. So that you will not have increased risks of getting temporary bruising, make sure to skip taking a sauna or getting a facial after four hours of your Botox treatment procedure.

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